First and foremost, Jets fans should, and do appreacriate everything Teddy did for the franchise in the short few months he spent in Green. He was a true professional, mentor, inspiration, kept the QB battle interesting and of course got us a third rounder for his services. The kid only deserves to start and star in this league.

When it comes down to the trade, I LOVE it for both the Jets and Saints.

For New Orleans, Teddy provides them an elite backup for Brees this season, and likely a long term, very safe replacement for the former champ after he retires; which could potentially be in the next few seasons.

Teddy is still very young, and will benefit from watching Brees play in front of him, as he’s clearly the best QB teammate he’s had.

Losing the third round pick isn’t a terribly big deal despite the fact that they already traded their first rounder in the Davenport draft-deal, which I thought of as a terrible deal with Green Bay. Luckily, it’ll be a late one in the round.

For the Jets, you have to be in awe of what they just pulled off.

After missing out on Cousins in F/A, they took a chance on Teddy for EXTREMELY cheap and set their sights on drafting a star by trading up with Indy.

Now as Darnold has solidified himself as the Week One starter (which was announced today), it made Teddy completely expandable as they essentially turned their $500K investment into a third round pick. Compare this to Cleveland taking on Osweiler’s $16M for a second rounder in a different, yet similar situation a few seasons back.

Though, the most underrated part of this deal is the new opportunity for the Jets to make an excellent offer for disgruntled Raiders star DE Khalil Mack to fill a massive need on the D-Line. Don’t be surprised if they landed the All-Pro before Week One as he wants out of Oakland who can’t pay him, and into a new lucrative deal.

Stay tuned for more as we approach the season, and cut-day for all rosters!