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What a great week in football!

What a great week in football! Here are my top three games of the week. #1 Jets VS Buffalo because the Jets came out of nowhere scoring 48 points and winning. I found out in that game also that the Jets were really hiding their true talent through the preseason. I did not pick this 1st just because I’m a Jet fan. My # 2 game – Packers VS 49ers – a game of one of the best offense’s collided with the best D in the league. San Fran ended up winning the game because defense always wins games. On a side note, for that game, 49ers kicker David Akers tied an NFL record for the longest field goal for 63 yds. The score was 30-22. #3: Redskins VS Saints. RG3 was definitely the player of the game. The rook was the only Rookie QB that won a game this week. He had 320 yds in the air with 2TD’s and 42 yds on the ground. What a great game for RG3. The Redskins won 40-32. Jet Question. Do you think the Jets will play like their first game again this...

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J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!!!

Jets 48 – Buffalo 28. That’s the great score I saw when the Jets won. Here are some notes from the game. Mark Sanchez was soooo much better than most people predicted he would be. Stats for Sanchez: 3 TD’s, 266 yards in the air and a pick. For his Jet debut Tim Tebow caught an onside kick and ran for 11 yds. Not that good of a debut for Tebow. Jets Rookie WR Stephen Hill had a remarkable debut. He caught 2 TD’s and had 89 receiving yds. Now Buffalo: C.J Spiller ran for 169 yds with a TD. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 3 picks, 3 TDs and threw for 195 yds. Great job...

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Go Blue!

Go Blue! Michigan beat Air Force 31-25. Michigan did soo much better than their game vs Bama. Michigan’s Offense was all over Air Force, like on their 2nd play Denard Robinson ran for a 79yd TD. Robinson’s stats were 2 passing TD’s, an Interception, 208 passing yards, 218 rushing yards and 2 rush TD’s. Those are Heisman Eligible stats for sure. Michigan’s D did not do amazing but it was definitely better than their game vs Bama. Do you think Michigan can make it to the top ten once...

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How did that happen?

How did that happen! Really! The Dallas Cowboys defeated the NY Giants 24-17! Now that’s CRAZY! I think the Cowboys won because of this remarkable receiver Kevin Ogletree. Ogletree came out if nowhere and did amazing. With 2 TD’s and 114 yards. His QB Tony Romo did very good with 3 TD’s and a Interception. Mostly people thought Romo would do the opposite of what he did last night like throwing Interceptions and getting sacked. The Giants did everything good, nothing bad. I don’t think the Giants had that top notch D last night giving up 24 pts and 3 TD’s. The play that really ended the game was Romo’s TD pass to Miles Austin. Very smart passing decision by Romo. The defender covering Austin the whole game got injured during the game and the backup came out. But the reason it was a smart pass was that it was a backup not a starter, starters are better than backups thats how Romo got the touchdown pass to...

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“Football” “football” that’s all I hear.

The NFL is starting tonight! Giants Cowboys at 8:30. I’m VERY excited for the game. I think the G-MEN will pull off this game for a win. Tony Romo and the Cowboys will have no offense tonight. The Giants D will payoff and Romo will probably get sacked several times . Also some breaking news: the NCAA’s top three teams for football has been changed now it’s LSU ranked third USC second and Bama number...

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