Yesterday was a day of WOW’s. It started yesterday when Free – Agent center Jason Collins who is 34 announced that he was gay becoming the first male athlete to say so. In his 12 season career he has played for 6 different teams. After announcing this the best players from all – over the sports world were sending nice tweets on his bravery. Also yesterday the Nets and Rockets stayed alive when the Bulls and Rockets almost ended their seasons. So far the Heat will move on with the Spurs after sweeping their matchup. The Hawks and Pacers are tied at 2, the Bulls lead the Nets 3-2, the Thunder are leading the Rockets 3-1 in the 1 vs 8 seed game and so far every game has been close which is impressive, the Knicks are leading the Celtics 3-1, the Warriors lead the Nuggets 3-1 and the Grizzlies and Clippers are tied at 2 .