Here’s the big question, who is going to LA? Will it just be the Rams? The Chargers? Or even the Raiders? Or even a combination?

Each team has played in LA in the past, and it would be awesome to see a team back in LA as I haven’t experienced that yet as a sports fan.

But here’s the problem: none of the current home fans of Oakland, San Diego and St. Louis want their team to move…

All three teams have possibly played their last home game in their current cities with St. Louis taking it on a colorful Thursday night over the Bucs, San Diego winning big over Miami last week and Oakland bringing it home to the black hole, last night, vs the Chargers in OT.

My Take: If I had to choose, I would move the Chargers out of San Diego and to LA with the Rams out of their stadiums that are clearly outdated. I would want the Raiders to stay in Oakland with many memories and the black hole but they must do something with their stadium, and the conflicting baseball field of the A’s.

What will the NFL do? Who’s going to LA and who’s staying?