Yesterday was another free agent palooza. Also news on Melo’s 1st return to the Rocky Mountains.

Free Agency : Here is another list of free agent pickups from yesterday.

Wes Welker – Broncos – 2 years – $12 M
Shonn Greene – Titans – 3 years – $10 M
LaRon Landry – Colts – 4 years – $20 M
Danny Amendola – Pats – 5 years – $31 M
Dominque Rodgers- Cromartie – Broncos – 1year – $5M
Reggie Bush – Lions – 4 years – $16M
Rashard Mendenhall – Cards – 1 year.

Do you think the Pats can survive with out Wes?
How will Manning do with Wes Welker?

B-ball: Yesterday the Knicks played the Nuggets in the Rocky Mountains. It was Melo’s 1st time their since he was traded from the Nuggets. So in the middle of the game Melo re-injured his knee and left the game. While he was out the Denver fans said “where is Melo”? The Knicks also played a poor and not exciting game. Tyson Chandler was also knocked out of the 23 point loss. This was not a warm welcome for Melo.