What a great week in football! Here are my top three games of the week. #1 Jets VS Buffalo because the Jets came out of nowhere scoring 48 points and winning. I found out in that game also that the Jets were really hiding their true talent through the preseason. I did not pick this 1st just because I’m a Jet fan. My # 2 game – Packers VS 49ers – a game of one of the best offense’s collided with the best D in the league. San Fran ended up winning the game because defense always wins games. On a side note, for that game, 49ers kicker David Akers tied an NFL record for the longest field goal for 63 yds. The score was 30-22. #3: Redskins VS Saints. RG3 was definitely the player of the game. The rook was the only Rookie QB that won a game this week. He had 320 yds in the air with 2TD’s and 42 yds on the ground. What a great game for RG3. The Redskins won 40-32.

Jet Question. Do you think the Jets will play like their first game again this season?