Game 6 in the Heat Spurs game will always be remembered. Here’s what happened. In the 1st quarter LeBron struggled from taking too many jump shots, despite that the Heat led 27-25 going into the 2nd Q. In the 2nd the Heat struggled scoring only 17 points while the Spurs jumped ahead when they scored 25 to take a 50-44 lead. In the 3rd the Spurs turned in 25 and the Heat scored only 21 so the Spurs had a 10 pt lead going into the 4th and that’s when everything happened. The Spurs kept scoring away with the Heat barely scoring, but then James started hitting tons of layups without his head band and the Heat were back in the game. Then with time running down Manu Ginobili missed a free throw and Kawahi Leonard missed one. Then with the clock running down and 5.2 seconds left James missed a 3, then Chris Bosh who was a big factor dished it out to the King of 3’s Ray Allen who hit probably the best and most important 3 of all his career 3’s which are the most in NBA History. The game got forced into OT and the Heat won to force a game 7. The players were all saying at the end of the game that was the best game I ever played in. I feel really bad for those fans who left the game and tried to get in. You seriously looked very silly. This game reminded me of game 6 of the 1986 World Series between the Red Sox and the Mets because it teaches you to never give up no matter the margin. This game also reminds me of that World Series because they started to set up the trophy ceremony for the Spurs like the Sox. Until Allen hit the 3 and Buckner missed the Mookie Wilson grounder.

Who will win game 7?