The time has finally come… Being a mets fan is being a true fan, someone loyal to your team. We’ve experienced everything starting with the ’69 Amazin’s who took the world by shock winning the world in their 7th season as a team. Then 17 years after the legendary ’86 mets took it all thanks to a bit of luck and an awesome finish. Then we waited 15 years till we faced the Yanks in the series in 2000. 6 years later the Beltran strikeout struck the mets taking us out of the playoffs dramatically. Then the 07 collapse came and terrorized mets fan ms bringing us to the next 7 years of struggle… Then came 2015-the year that the mets actually had a chance! And they DELIVERED… Starting the season with an 11 game streak and all the way adding the 5 young aces in Harvey, deGrom, Wheeler, Matz, and Syndergaard… They picked up YOENIS who finally brought them back to the promise land thanks to Murphy ‘the G.O.A.T’ and taking this AMAZIN team to the series. So LGM and let’s take these next 4 games and shock the world! #YAGOTTABELIEVE!