I did tell you that Tony Romo was getting surgery and was out for the season, but Cowboys coach, Jason Garrett commented to the press and said he is not out yet? Bottom line, he will need surgery but (may) be able to play vs the Eagles in their win or go home game. If he is out, very experienced back-up Kyle Orton who’s played in this situation before.
In last night’s Falcons vs. 49ers game, the last at Candlestick, the 9’ers clinched the playoffs in their big win. Three more teams can make the playoffs, but the seatings are not determined, everything is open. In the AFC, all that stands is the 6th wild-card spot between the Dolphins (who currently hold it), the Ravens, Chargers and Steelers. ( who need a lot of help)! It’s ‘gonna be all determined on Sunday.