Upset Alert! There were a lot of big upsets yesterday in sports so let’s get started!

First College B-Ball- Yesterday in college b-ball there was a BIG upset in the Big 10 vs ACC challenge. If your asking whats the Big 10 vs ACC challenge this is what it is : A Big 10 team will play a ACC team in B-ball, if the Big 10 wins the game they will get 1 pt same for the ACC. First one to 7 pts wins! Now on the game. The upset was unranked Miami beat #13 Michigan St 67-59. Miami played an excellent game and played hard. Here’s a cool fact on Miami – Guard Shane Larkin is baseball great Barry Larkin’s son. Also another great game – but not an upset – was #2 Duke defeated #4 Ohio St 73-68. Duke’s Mason Plumbley scored 21 pts and had 17 rebounds in the win. Thats another win for coach K.

Now Baseball- Yesterday a lot happened in baseball. Here are some recent transactions: OF B.J Upton signs multi year deal with Braves. 40 year old Andy Pettite Signs 1 year contract with Bronx Bombers. But one unknown trade was great for me. It did not have anything to do with the Mets. The Red Sox traded 3rd baseman Danny Valencia to Orioles for cash. Valencia is one of my favorite players. and I have a signed jersey from him!

Now Pro B-ball – Another upset occurred in B-ball. The 0-12 Washington Wizards defeated the Portland Trail-Blazers 84-82. When I watched the highlight and the scoreboard said Wizards win I said “that was a first”.