3 iconic sports heroes retired in the past week. In baseball, former long time Astro slugger, Lance Berkman, Berkman won a World Series with the Cards and in that same year he won “comeback player of the year”, he’s also went to 6 all-star games! Playing for the Astros, Cardinals, Yankees and Rangers, Berkman is next to the great Mickey Mantle in switch hitter stats for batting. Berkman played all the OF positions. What a career. Here’s one that’s not as amazing, but good, Michael Young played for the Rangers, Phillies and Dodgers, he had 7 trips to the all-star game, a gold glove in ’08, all-star MVP in ’06 and batting champion in ’05. Now, he’s hanging up the spikes.
In B-ball, one of ten most iconic men ever, commissioner David Stern reigned for 30 years and left the NBA in a great spot, in his time, he added 7 new teams, and 6 relocated, he was a part of the new WNBA and has been in many lockouts (that’s the only bad thing). His long time partner, Adam Silver will take his place on the 1st of February.