We are now getting ready for the big game. The biggest game in some of these kids life. The actual little league World Series. These kids from Japan and Chula Vista California are totally psyched! California is an very good team. With ace Grant Holman pitching on Sunday (when he will be eligible to pitch). Earlier in the tourney he threw a no-hitter! He also has been hitting amazing! California has very explosive bats. Their field is full of talent from Pitcher to RF. Yesterday California beat Connecticut by a lot, Connecticut is a great team!

Now to Japan. Japan took a hard path to make it here. They beat Mexico twice, a Mexico team that looked unstoppable when they outscored their opponents 25-0 in their first 2 games! They had 5-6 HR’s in a game vs Panama but still was not a match for Japan. Japan won in the international final vs Mexico 3-2. They can do it all, pitch, hit and field at a high level. I am looking forward to the games.
Good luck to both teams.