The NFL Regular season is almost here and here’s my top four teams that will have a better regular season than last year.

I belive the New York Giants will have have a better regular season because after making the playoffs with a 9-7 record they played so much better than a 9-7 team in the playoffs that’s why.

I believe the Redskins will have a better season this year because of their new rookie Robert Griffin the III. He has really connected with his receivers already. They will do way better than last years record 5-11.

I believe the Colts will do better this season because of #1 pick Andrew Luck. He is a perfect replacement for former colt Peyton Manning, Luck threw his first pass for 63 yards and a TD.

I believe the NY Jets will have a better finish this season because of the addition of Tim Tebow and the wild cat.

Those are my top four – what are yours?