For my sixth episode, Spencer Pugach and I are back under the Friday Night WKWZ 88.5 FM lights with a PACKED episode after one of the biggest sports weeks in a while.

(0:00 – 1:28) Intro
(1:28 – 10:45) Breaking Down the Anthony Davis rumors
(10:45 – 22:20) Breaking Down the Kristaps Porzingis Trade, and the Kyrie Irving cryptic comments
(23:10 – 27:36) Super Bowl Narratives to watch
(27:36 – 47:23) Breaking Down each on-field matchup to watch for * including a film breakdown from Spencer *
(47:23 – END) Game Picks

Hope everyone enjoys! I highly suggest listening to the analysis before jumping to conclusions about the game picks! They will make a LOT more sense!

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