For my fifth episode, here is a super fun and engaging show alongside an incredible basketball mind – Emma Halper. With the NBA All-Star game lurking, and insane league-wide significance of the newly-publicized ASG draft, we do a role-play mock draft of the upcoming actual draft captained by LeBron and Giannis.

In terms of the format:
– Emma chooses from the mindset of LeBron
– I choose from the mindset of Giannis
– Picks are rotated one-by-one (no snake)
– Final teams are of 12 players; 1 captian, four selected starters, seven selected reserves.

The 8 (already voted) other starters (after subtracting LeBron and Giannis) are first drafted in an open pool, regardless of conference. Each starting five must include only two guards, and three forwards.

These other 8 starters include:
– Kyrie
– Kemba
– Curry
– Harden
– Kawhi
– George
– Durant
– Embiid

Following the selection of both starting fives, the reserves are picked in the same open format; 3 guards and 4 forwards per bench. The reserves haven’t officially been voted, so we selected our best 14.

These 14 reserves include:
– Beal
– Simmons
– Lowry
– Westbrook
– Klay
– Lillard
– Vucevic
– Jokic
– Griffin
– Middleton
– Butler
– Gobert
– A. Davis

In terms of the timing:
– (0:00 – 6:20) Breaking down actually how important the ASG draft, and game are for the NBA’s future landscape.
– (6:20 – 8:00) Rules for the draft ^
– (8:00 – 22:00) Selections of the starters
– (22:00 – 46:15) Selections of the reserves
– (46:15 – END) Results, and the CRAZY narratives our drafted teams generated

Hope everyone enjoys! I highly suggest listening to the analysis before jumping to conclusions about the picks! They will make a LOT more sense!

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