Today is Super Bowl XLVII. I am so excited!!!! I am rooting for the Ravens. I believe they will win because Ray Lewis will get the Ravens fired up before the big game.

Who are you rooting for, who do you think is going to win and why???

First the Hall of fame 2013 inductees : Yesterday 10 lucky legends were inducted to the Hall of fame. They all said in interviews I was “screaming and jumping the whole time”! They were very excited, here are the leading inductees : Coach Bill Parcells who coached the G-men to 2 Super Bowls, he also coached the Jets, Cowboys and Pats into the Playoffs ( Pats to the Super Bowl.) Chris Carter who had many tears of joy in his interview. He was a Wide Receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. Defensive Tackle Warren Sapp who played for the Buccaneers and Raiders. That was this years leading pack of the inductees. On a side note Giants Michael Strahan did not make it.

2013 player awards : This year most of the player awards were obvious but 2 of them were interesting. Here they are : AP Offensive Rookie of the Year award goes to… RG3! The 3 top candidates were RG3 who received 29 of the 50 votes, Andrew Luck who got 11 of the 50 and Russell Wilson who got 10 of the 50. Right now RG3 is going through many surgery’s for his knees. He is looking for advice from Adrian Peterson who went through the same thing last year. This was a great season for RG3 leading Rooks in Fantasy pts and leading my Fantasy team to an ok season as my starting QB. He has become one of my favorite players this year which convinced me to get his jersey after winning my dads pool.
Now the Defensive Rookie of the Year award goes to Panthers Luke Kuelchy! He was a surprise for me because weirdly I have never heard of him. He must of have a quiet season this year and somehow won this award. This was a quiet award because not many Rookie Defenders were standouts this year.
Now the Coach of the Year award goes to Colts Interim Coach Bruce Arians! He moved to head coach this season while rookie head coach Chuck Pagano was in the hospital with Leukemia treatment. He led the Colts to the playoffs with a 11-5 record. The Colts lost to the Super Bowl Ravens in Wild Card weekend. This was a remarkable season for Arians and the Colts after going 2-14 last year (worst in the league). Now the Comeback player of the year award goes to Peyton Manning after injuring his Neck last season and having many surgery’s while his Colts backups stunk it up with a 2-14 record. He was traded to Denver this season while Tim Tebow was traded to NY and you know what happened. Manning had a remarkable season this year which included the best record in the NFL and a win streak that felt like forever. He led the Broncs to the 2nd round of the playoffs after losing in the COLD to the Ravens in a thriller after he threw a pick to set up a game winning FG. Manning was a Fantasy star this year. I think he was ranked in the top 3-5. Manning deserved this this award after all the things he did this year. Last but definitely not least the 2013 NFL MVP award goes to “A.P” Adrian Peterson! He was the MAN this year. He rushed for so many yards this year that he almost broke Eric Dickerson’s record! This was a no brainer. Adrian Peterson was loved by mostly everyone in the NFL playoff challenge that he was started by 80% of the contestants. I was smart to not start him after a disappointing 7-8 pts. Most people said before the season that AP would not play the whole season. They were wrong very wrong. AP was just straight on amazing this year. That’s all.

Did you have different thoughts on these awards?