“Who wants Skittles”! Every time Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch scores a TD, he gets skittles! His other Nick-name is ” Beast Mode”. He is a beast when running because you have to look at his YAC (yards after contact). He had 66 in this game vs the Saints. This game was all Marshawn Lynch. He had 28 carries for 140 yards and 2 TD’s and the game sealing TD. The Seahawks ball-hawking D was great in coverage last night, they did not let up a point in the 1st half. ZERO! They also held the Saints biggest target, Jimmy Graham to 1 catch for 6 yards. He had 6 targets. On the Saints side, they could not do anything, QB Drew Brees is not very good outdoors especially when it’s raining like last nights game and the Seahawks have the loudest fans in all of sports history! Brees threw for 309 yards and a TD with no picks. Also in part to his receiver’s drops and K Shane Graham who missed 2 of 2 FG’s.
The Seahawks took advantage and won 23-15. QB Russell Wilson had only 103 yards which is low for a winning playoff QB. It looked like Marshawn Lynch had one of the best rushing performance in the postseason in a long time.
Not until Patriots RB LeGarrete Blount came. Blount took advantage of the Colts D and he rushed for 166 and 4 TD’s! Blount was not under the spot-light like Marshawn Lynch. He was traded to the Pats for a 7th rounder! The Pats D took over Colts QB Andrew Luck with 4 picks! Luck had 331 yards and 2 TD’s. The Patriots had no passing TD’s and 6 rushing TD’s in their 43-21 blowout vs the Colts. Tom Brady threw for 198 yards and no TD’s. The Pats will play in the AFC championship again.