Too many signs and trades! I can’t follow all of them!
Here are some…

First Baseball – More signs and trades occurred yesterday in baseball. Here they are : Twins trade OF Denard Span to Nats for minor league pitchers. Yankees sign closer Mariano Rivera to a 1 year deal after missing last season from tearing ACL while shagging fly. C Russel Martin signs 1 year deal with Pirates. Now Mets fans here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, 3B David Wright signed a 8 year deal with the Mets! That’s the largest contract the Mets ever signed. The superstar Wright leads the Mets franchise in most hitting categories.

Here’s a first for me, now I’m writing about Hockey! They’re talking and talking but not doing and doing and doing! The Hockey season is still in a lockout and the NHL can’t sign this complicated contract with someone! Just play the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are your thoughts on this?

Now Lastly football- Luckily this report doesn’t include contracts it includes interceptions. Last night Drew Brees had his worst game in a WWHHIILLEE. He threw 5 picks and ended his NFL record of 54 straight games with a TD pass. Drew Brees got a dissappointing 4.64pts in fantasy football. Falcons QB Matt Ryan did not play amazing either. He only got 12.40 fantasy pts! The Saints lost that game 23-13. and the Falcons should be happy because if the Bucs lose the Falcons win their division and with a Seahawks loss they’ll earn a playoff spot. Sorry Saints! You can’t win every season!