RG3!!! Last night on MNF RG3 took over the game in the 17-16 win vs the Super Bowl champion G-men. RG3 has taken over football with his running game and deep ball game. RG3 is very fast and dangerous, with his deep ball he can throw about 30-40 yds! He really looks like a Heisman trophy winner and 1st round NFL pick. He has really helped Washington after their bad slump over the years. Now they are competitors for the playoffs. Last night he scored 19 fantasy pts had a TD pass to WR Pierre Garçon. He ran a lot also. I am very happy I drafted RG3 to my fantasy team.

Do you think the Redskins are true competitors with RG3 in their hands?

Here’s a great fact, this is my 94th blog post and theirs 6 more to go for #100! If I am wrong please comment me! I am sure I will have something good to write for #100!