Round 2 in the NBA playoffs will begin soon after the 5 Game 7’s played in Rd 1 which is a whole playoff record! Yup, I mean the WHOLE playoffs already after rd 1!  Here are yesterday’s scores…

Nets 104             Joe Johnson- 26 points, 4 rebounds and assists

Raptors 103      Kyle Lowry- 28 points, 7 rebounds


Spurs 119           Tony Parker- 32 points, 4 rebounds and assists

Mavs 96              Dirk Nowitzki- 22 ponts, 9 assists

NBA Rd 1 in review:

Wow, this may be the MOST EXCITING playoffs ever in NBA history! Only 1 sweep occurred when the Heat beat the Bobcats 4-0. The #5 Blazers defeated the strong #4 Rockets in 6 games and the #5 Wizards beat the #4 Bulls in 5 games. Otherwise, 5 Game 7’s were played but the favorite won most of them. There were 2, 1 v.8 games (Spurs vs. Mavs,  Pacers vs. Hawks) but the 1 seed came out on top in both. The Nets beat the Raptors when Paul Pierce got a block on a lay-up at the buzzer to win. The Nets who didn’t lose to the Heat this year will play them in Rd 2. The Thunder were close to losing to the Grizz but came back from KD’s amazing play. A lot of comebacks, a lot of storybook wins and A LOT of buzzer beaters were witnessed in this playoff rd. 1. ONLY Rd. 1! What can come in rd.2? Probably more of what we just saw…