We are officially 1 day away from the Pro Bowl and about 8 days from Super Bowl 4⃣9⃣! Here’s some thoughts and predictions:

Pro Bowl: The NFL is now debuting an out of Hawaii Pro Bowl and my thoughts are even on this… My opinion is that Hawaii is a different place and not just a Stadium (especially since this is a college one)! Hawaii is really fun for the players and always has nice weather by the beach as opposed to having a pro bowl in frigid weather!
The reason why I think this is a good step for the NFL is that Fans can stay in the site of the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl without having to travel and see both or only have the luxury of seeing one.
My next critic of the pro bowl is the date, it was SO much better when this game was a week after the Super Bowl so the players in that game can have a chance to play in the fun game too!
The fantasy draft was a huge success for NFL views while it took place for the second time this year. The draft was a great idea and gives the fans a chance to watch a real life fantasy draft unfold and fans can critic on social media! It’s a great mix with Media and the funny cams while waiting…
The BIGGEST problem with the game is that while the best players are initially picked by fans 25+ of them play which forced many, many alternates to play PLUS all the players coming off late season to playoff injuries and scares and the players who rest and prevent injury. The NFL has got to find a way to get the most players that were initially picked to play and persuade them however because it would be best for their organization and viewers to see the best of the best!