Playoffs! Today the first 2 games of the playoffs will occur at 8:00 and 4:30.

Football – Yesterday Eagles former coach Andy Reid who was recently fired on black Monday signed a 5 year contact with the Chiefs. The chiefs have the #1 pick in this years draft. Reid has 10 playoff appearances and won a Super Bowl.

In today’s playoff games A.P and the Minnesota Vikings look to win back to back games against A-rod and the Green Bay Packers. 8:00 @ Lambeu Field.

Today the Cincinnati Bengals and Red Zone threat Andy Dalton face off against Pro Bowler Matt Shaub and the 3rd seed Texans. 4:30 @ Reliant Statium.

Hockey – The NHL is still trying to make a deal but their not there yet! If they don’t make a deal in 6 days that equals no season! So do something already!

College Football- Yesterday Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M won the Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma. Manziel was Remarkable! He had a great freshman season this year!

The NCAA BCS National Championship is coming up soon. Both teams are now in Miami relaxing before the game. Well don’t relax too much!

Who will win? Undefeated Norte Dame or Alabama?