This weekend there was VERY exciting football. I had so much fun watching the clutch moments in the games! Here they are…

The #1 seed Broncos faced off against the Ravens 2 days ago. REMINDER: The Bronc’s had a 9 pt spread to cover, they were a heavy favorite.This game was long, there were 2OT’s and the game was the 4th longest in NFL history. The opening kickoff weather was cold! 18 degrees at kickoff and 8 degrees at the end. There were 5 ties in this game and a lot of clutch plays in the 10 yd line. But the biggest clutch moment was when the Broncos were up 35 – 28 with 31 sec left and Joe Flacco threw a 70 yd bomb to Jacoby Jones and he caught the ball over a Denver Defender and got a GT TD. The defender said that he was too happy and got too excited. At the end of OT #1 Broncos QB Peyton Manning threw a pick and the Ravens turned it into a Justin Tucker (R) 53 yd FG in OT #2. The Broncos were on a 11 game win streak coming into this game. Ray Lewis’s career will continue with this win.

The 49ers played the the Packers this past Saturday. The packers got off to an early lead but then came the 49ers. QB Colin Kaepernick ran for 107 yds and got 1 rush TD in the first half. The 9’ers took over the 2nd half scoring a lot. The final score was SF 45 – GB 31. Colin Kaepernick broke a lot of records like most rushing yds in a postseason game beating Michael Vick on Atlanta, Donavan McNabb on the Eagles, Otto Graham and other legends.

Yesterday, The Falcons faced off against the Seattle Seahawks and Rookie QB Russell Wilson. The Falcons went off to a quick start when Matt Ryan threw a few TD’s. But in the 2nd half the Seahawks came back… With a few minutes left the Falcons were up by 6 and the Seahawks had the ball. They ended up getting a TD with about 40 sec left. The Falcons got the ball and they went up the field and with 11 sec left the Falcons decided to go for the game winning FG and Pete Carroll called a timeout to try to ice the kicker. For those of you who don’t know what icing the kicker is, it is when the other team calls a timeout before your Field goal kick. The Kicker usually makes it then misses the next one. But this time Atlanta kicker Matt Bryant missed the FG right after they called the time out….he then made it and the Falcons led by 2! The Seahawks tried a game winning Hail Mary but it got intercepted by WR Julio Jones. Tony G finally won a postseason game in his 16+ year career.

Ok I have to admit – the Pats vs Texans game was BORING! The Pats won 41 – 28. The only big thing that happened was Gronk is out for the rest of the postseason with a re-injured left- forearm. This is a big loss for the Pats. They need Gronk to win games.

The Ravens will play the Patriots for a rematch of last years AFC championship. The 49ers will play the Falcons. The winners of those games will go to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. Last year in the NFC Championship the G-men played the 49ers and the 9’ers muffed a punt and Lawrence Tynes kicked a game winning FG to go to the Super Bowl that they won. In the AFC the Pats played the Ravens and Billy Cundiff missed a FG that would have tied the game and the Pats went to the Super Bowl. Billy Cundiff got cut by the Ravens, then Redskins then the 49ers in the playoffs. 3 of the same teams are in their championships from last year. The Falcons are the only new team.

I would like the Falcons and the Ravens to win. But my prediction is that the Ravens and the 49ers will win.

What is yours?