Round 1 of the draft is over and 32 new players have officially entered the NFL! Congrats!

My thoughts on the draft in general- I’m always excited for the draft but every pick obviously is not a good pick YET. We’re all holding are breath during the season for our big fish to develop and become a star and leader. Otherwise, it’s a bust and that good pick that you talked about today, can be a team’s biggest mistake passing on a hall of famer…

Draft Notes-

#1 pick Jameis Winston and #2 pick Marcus Mariota were picked as back-to-back QB’s 1 and 2 for the 1st time since RG3 and Luck were back to back! 

RB’s Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon were the 1st RB 1st round picks in a LONG time! Congrats to them! 

Grading the top 10 picks-

#1- Jameis Winston: The Bucs needed a QB…Badly. They got the guy they wanted and in a smaller market, they can hopefully calm down Winston’s off the field issues with the comments that he often makes and more. He’s gotta be careful. His playing is awesome and he’s a star on the field but they must watch his interceptions which was a problem. He has big targets in V-Jax and Mikey Evans so he can start with a decent WR core.

#2 Marcus Mariota- This was the golden pick everyone wanted in this draft but the Titans kept it and drafted Oregon QB Marcus Mariota! The Titans intelligently asked for a high price for trading this pick with many teams and they wanted as much as 3 1st rounders! Tennesee announced Mariota will probably start this year and Winston on a side note probably will too. Mariota is incredible as a leader and played great this past year with the Ducks but he is not too pro ready because of the college no-huddle Offense and will have to adapt to the NFL.

#3 Dante Fowler Jr.: Fowler out of Gainsville is staying in Florida (like Winston) to play with the Jags and hopefully boost their D. This kid is a beast on the field and if he grows, he can lead this young and developing team…

#4 Amari Cooper- The Raiders needed a WR and had to start building a WR core for young QB Derek Carr. As the lone star receiver on this team, the Bama product will probably have a nice season with the Raiders.

#5 Brandon Sherff- The Redskins kinda surprised me but were very smart of their pick in Sherff. This o-linemen is big and can block very well which will especially help always under pressure RG3.

#6- Leonard Williams: I feel this was a steal for my Jets with arguably the best prospect in this draft falling to six and a ferocious Jets D. He will play aside Mo Wilerson (who was put on the trade block last night and is in rumors) and Sheldon Richardson! Leo is a beast on the field but his only concern is getting his helmet on with his big head of hair!

#7 Kevin White- This speedy WR from WVU will step in Brandon Marshall’s big shoes and play alongside Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett who is in trade rumors. White will try to make this offense strong and help Jay Cutler lead the O over the struggling D.

#8 Vic Beasley: His name explains it, Beas(t)ly! He’s an absolute monster on the field and will help to boost an old but now rebuilding Falcons D as they look to put the past years behind and make a playoff run and stay healthy… 

#9 Ereck Flowers- The Giants really wanted Sherff at 9 but that couldn’t happen. The Giants were going to get a big LT to be in third division after the rival ‘skins took Sherff. But Flowers from the U is a boss and will protect Eli for once and use his body to be a franchise player.

#10 Todd Gurley- YES! A RB! Todd Gurley when healthy is the next big thing at the back position after he tore his ACL last year. The Rams have a core of RB’s now with Gurley and Tre Mason who can be a speed RB and Zac Stacy asked to be traded after the pick last night. I’m excited to see Gurley back and he should be a fun and player to watch.

There were so many other great picks in this draft from 11-32 and you can check them out online.

Round 2-3 is today and many good players are still up!