Looks like the Knicks only know how to lose, hopefully that is not true, but Nueva York is on a 6 game skid and 6.5 games back for the 8TH SEED!!!! What a sad season for them, but their work ethic brought them to this terror. Playoffs may be in sight, but it is very unlikely Melo and NY can make a push. Carmelo Anthony has a real reason to leave NY, players are remembered mostly for skill and CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! If. NY misses the postseason this year , it will be Melo’s 1st year watching postseason on TV. The only way he can stay; is if the Knicks truly build a team around him and with productive players!!! Melo will stay, plus , he loves NY! The Knicks play Detroit next..

March Madness is coming soon! When it comes, I will keep you updated on everything!