The Broncos have been all successes in their first 2 games. QB Peyton Manning in his 2nd year with the team has been blowing up Hall-of-Famer quarterbacks records for the 1st 5 games. Last night as one of the two 4:00 games the Broncos faced off against Tony Romo and the Cowboys. The first few minutes were flawless for the ‘Boys. It started with a great 2 yard tippy-toe catch by Wideout Dez Bryant. Running Back DeMarco Murray ran for a short TD to put Dallas up 14-0. Manning could not get anything big going on his 1st drive when WR Eric Decker was stripped and their drive was over. Then the Broncos scored a TD on a shovel pass to TE Julius Thomas who is in his 1st full year (not a rookie) had a monster game with 9 receptions and 2 TD’s. Then I the 2nd quarter the Broncos went on a run with a short Eric Decker TD reception, another Julius Thomas reception TD and a Peyton Manning 11 yard TD run. Dan Bailey of the Cowboys kicked 2 field goals and the Bronc’s were up 28-20 at half. In the 3rd quarter the Broncos gave Wes Welker a pass in the end zone for a TD. Then Tony Romo threw an 82 yard bomb down the field and WR Terrance Williams caught it for the TD. Broncos Kicker Matt Prater hit a FG and Dez Bryant caught a 2 yard TD but the 2 point conversion was no-good. In the 4th TE Jason Witten who had a good game caught a TD and this time the 2 pointer was good to put the Cowboys up 41-38. Would this be a major upset? After a 50 yard Matt Prater FG the Cowboys got another TD to Cole Beasley to go up 48-41. Then RB Knowshon Moreno got a rushing TD from 1 yard out and Matt Prater finished it off with a FG to win it with 2 seconds left. That was an amazing game, the best this season in my opinion. Peyton Manning threw for 414 yards and 4 TD’s and a 11 yard rush TD and his 1st interception also breaking some 5 week records.
Tony Romo had an unbelievable game scoring 53 points in my fantasy league and threw for 506 yards and 5 TD’s with a pick. The Broncos are playing the Jaguars next week who some say are the worst team ever.