Just get it right! That’s what White Sox coach Robin Ventura said last night when he was shocked by 2 calls in their win against the Twins. The first was a play at the plate, when Twins Justin Morneau slid to home and missed the base, then the White Sox catcher clearly tagged the runner and the runner then touched the base and he was safe! You might not see the glove clearly touch the runner in full speed but in slow mo you can see the glove make the tag and it moved after it hit the runner. Then when Adam Dunn got up for the White Sox he hit into a hole just beyond the infield dirt and the 2nd baseman threw it to 1st and Dunn was out! He clearly beat the throw by much more than you could think of and he was still out! The White Sox were saying “the umps are going to miss a call, but its costing us runs!” These controversies keep happening and the MLB is not doing anything about these dumb calls and they need to get those instant replay things from ESPN that put a scope on the play! It’s really unbelievable!

What should the MLB do about this.