Forget about everything else! It March Madness! I am very excited to do my bracket. Too bad Michigan hasn’t been playing well. I like Miami going to the Finals. I am excited to watch the tournament also. Right now the #1 seed is in jeopardy for a few teams such as Indiana, Duke, Michigan, Gonzaga and Miami (FL).

Football – Yesterday the Jets picked up QB David Garrard from free agency. Maybe Garrard can finally replace Sanchez. Or maybe Tebow will start!

Hockey : I’m finally talking about this and I’ve never. The Chicago Blackhawks are off on a 20 game win streak with a 17-0-3 record. They are first in the NHL. They never had any training camp and are playing so well! They have A LOT of all-stars on the team. ESPN’s hockey analyst Barry Melrose says the Blackhawks are the best team in sports.

Will Chicago keep this up?