After a 10-0 beat-up of the Giants, the Kansas City Royals may feel comfortable with a Game 7, but at home with their electric crowd! The KC crowd was a big factor to staying alive last night in that Game 6 because those fans have been waiting 25 full years for a PLAYOFF TEAM (let alone a World Series)! They WANT IT! Anyway the pitchers tonight will be Tim Hudson for the Giants who is 0-1 this post-season with a 3.72 ERA. For KC, Jeremy Guthrie will pitch who is 1-0 with a 2.70 ERA.

Things are looking good for KC but I still have credit to my prediction of Giants winning in Game 7! (Check my recent blogs)

The NBA has started with a boom! Here is some news on the 3 first games-

Lakers Rookie Julius Randle (who was picked 7th overall this year out of Kentucky) broke his tibia so that’s a big loss for LA who had big hopes for him…

Top 3 Performances-
3- James Harden: 32 points, 6 assists, 1 rebound and steal
2- Nikola Vevucivic: 15 points, 23 rebounds, 1 assist
1- Anthony Davis: 26 points, 17 rebounds, 9 blocks

There was history made in College Football when they announced the 1st ever standings for the 1st ever College Football playoff. The playoff will have the 4 best teams (not just by top 25 A.P poll) in it with a championship. The 4 teams in the playoff so far in rankings is:
#1- Mississippi St. (7-0)
#2- Florida St. (7-0)
#3- Auburn (6-1)
#4- Ole Miss (7-1)

And the rest of the top 10 is
#5- Oregon (7-1)
#6- Alabama (7-1)
#7- TCU (6-1)
#8- Michigan St. (7-1)
#9- Kansas St. (6-1)
#10- Norte Dame (6-1)