Hockey: (Boston Bruins teammates,down 4-1 in 3rd period: “Let’s go home, we’ll never win.”) ( Bruins player, Milan Lucic:” It’s never over till its over guys!”) Yep, that’s what Bruins player Milan Lucic said with 10 minutes remaining in their game 7 with the Maple Leafs. That famous quote was from Yankees great Yogi Berra. The Bruins were down 4-1 in the 3rd and after Lucic’s speech he scored 1 goal and assisted on 1to put the game in overtime then Patrice Bergeron scored in OT to win the game. The Bruins never gave up when they were down by three and ended up winning. Just a little personal note, in my baseball game we were down 11-0 and ended up winning 16-11 which is another example of “it ain’t over till its over”.
The Rangers played the Capitals last night in their game 7 and the Capitals were down 3-0 but instead of not giving up they panicked and lost 5-0 at home. The Rangers will play the Bruins in the 2nd round.