Wow! Yesterday was a day of late comebacks in the NFL! Here are some of them:
E.J Manuel and the Bills beat out Cam Newton and the Panthers in the last second with a TD pass to WR Stevie Johnson. The Bills won on a last second sack 24-23.
The Vikings and Da Bears faced off in a good matchup yesterday. With 10 seconds left Jay Cutler had a BEAUTIFUL pass to TE Martellus Bennett to win the game. The Bears won 31-30.
The Chargers played the Eagles yesterday and it was a great game. With 2:00 left Eagles K Alex Henry hit a FG to tie the game at 30! But with 0:07 seconds left Chargers K Nick Novak hit a 40 + yard field goal to win the game.
This was clearly the most exciting game. With seconds left Texans K Randy Bullock was going for the win on a 51 yard FG. So the 1st kick was obviously iced by the Titans, but he nailed the kick, still did not count. Attempt 2 was blocked by the Titans but their was an offsides penalty which forced a 3rd attempt. Last week on Monday night vs the Chargers he kicked a long FG with seconds left. On attempt 3 he was wide but he was iced again on a 46 yarder by the Titans. It was unbelievable. Attempt 4. And guess what! He hit the upright! The game went into OT! Bullock was saved when the Texans won the toss to receive first which meant a TD won the game and a FG let the Titans get another possession. Matt Schaub led the Texans to the Red Zone on a long pass to rookie first rounder WR DeAndre Hopkins. Then he passed to him in a tippy-toe TD by him to win the game.
Last but not least the Saints surprisingly edged out the the Bucs after the Buccaneers got a pick 6 to lead the game. Drew Brees led his offense down the field with a long throw to Marques Colston and set up a 27 yard GW FG for Saints K Garret Hartley.
Another note is big bro Peyton’s Broncos beat Eli’s G-men in the Manning Bowl in a blowout.
On NBC Sunday night football the Seahawks creamed the 9’ers 29-3 when RB Marshawn Lynch had 3 TD’s.