The Memphis Grizzlies edged out a tough Phoenix Suns team to clinch the playoffs and knock out the Suns of contention. The playoffs are now all set with the Grizz win, here are some impact performances of that game:

Grizzlies-  Zach Randoph 32 points, 9 rebounds

Suns- Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe and Markieff Morris combined: 48 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists.

Here are the most probable NBA playoff matchups:


#1 Pacers vs. #8 Hawks , #2 Heat vs. #7 Bobcats , #3 Raptors vs. #6 Wizards , #4 Bulls vs. #5 Nets


#1 Spurs vs. #8 Grizzlies , #2 Thunder vs. #7 Mavericks, #3 Clippers vs. #6 Warriors, #4 Rockets vs. #5 Blazers

The West has dominated he NBA so much that only the Heat and Pacers would have at least MADE the playoffs in the West out of all of the teams out east. The Pelicans, Kings, Jazz and Lakers are the only teams that wouldn’t make the East playoffs from the West (the Nuggets wold join them if they lose 1 of their remaining games). The Hawks made the playoffs but are 7 games UNDER 500% this year! They are the only losing record playoff team this year…. I’m READY for the playoffs of 2014!

News: The most decorated olympian EVER, Swimmer Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement and coming back into the pool again. He is looking to compete in the 2016 olympics in Rio.

Rays star pitcher Matt Moore is out for the season with Tommy John surgery upcoming for him. A quick end to the all-star player’s season…