The Uruguay national team may have beat Italy 1-0 in an exciting game but this game was full of controversy…

Uruguay star Luis Suarez was caught yet again for biting an opponent. Usually players have problems like hitting or injuries, but Suarez bites? This is the 3rd incident of the star player biting opponents when he but an opponent on Ajax in a fight and in Liverpool when he bit a player on Chelsea.  He received lengthy suspensions/fines for those incidents. Now he may cost Uruguay the World Cup by sitting for the whole tourney.   For yesterday’s bite, Suarez was not penalized, but Fifa knows what they need to do thats best which is suspend him.  Suarez and the Uruguay coach had comments on the bite that just made this mess worse by trying to defend themselves. This investigation is ongoing, crazy, and yes, it is spreading ALL OVER social media…

World Cup update-

Greece 2 – Ivory Coast 1 : Greeks advance on GW penalty kick in box…

Colombia 4 – Japan 1

Italy 0 – Uruguay 1

Costa Rica 0- England 0 – England lowest pt total in their World Cup history (1)…

Knockout Rd. –

*= 1 more game (current position)







Costa Rica


France *

Ecuador *

Argentina  *

Nigeria *

Germany *


Belgium *

Algeria *

NBA- LeBron and Melo have officially opted out of their current contacts and are now starting a free agent frenzy!  This is big news and I will keep you updated with all the rumors.

If you listen to every reporter they have a different scenario about this. Now its my turn to predict.

LeBron and Melo would both dramatically increase a team’s chances of going to the finals. But literally, those Vegas bets are held up until Lebron signs with a team. Thats evidence.  I may be leaning to the Knicks a little for Melo as a fan but here’s why I think NY would be a great fit for him. Phil Jackson may be the smartest man in the world when it comes to b-ball and making moves. Melo wants a ring? Jackson has it, I mean 11 of them. And new coach Derek Fisher has 5 rings, played under Jackson and can attract many player because they know he will do the right thing as a teammate. I can predict NYK will make a big push for free agents this year and in 2015-16’s big class. Also Melo’s family loves the big apple. Other teams say they can be title favorites if Melo comes but no, still Melo must build chemistry with teammates and win games! So Melo, I hope you read this and it will be helpful to stay in the big apple.

We’ll, Lebron is being recruited by the US mens national team for soccer, NHL teams and MLB.  He is almost impossible to predict because he fits on every team because of his position flexibility. He can play SF and PF. but LeBron doesn’t want to rebuild a team or get stuck in the 1st round, he wants to win Championships. That means joining a good team like the Rockets or Clippers or Knicks or Bulls (MJ jr.!). He can’t stay with the Heat because they have no cap space and the players they have are maybe experienced, but getting old and rusty. LeBron needs to win championships fast or else his legacy will drop in his quest to be the best to ever play.  I also predict him waiting until after the draft, with Jabari or Wiggins, he may mentor them into superstars. He could be in any jersey in the start of the 2014- 15 season, but this will be fun, crazy and exciting.

The NBA draft is tomorrow and  trade rumors are flying.  For the #1 pick Cavs, they are thinking Wiggins, Jabari , wait for LeBron or trade! I really don’t know but I will be excited to find out what they do. Hopefully Mr. Phil Jackson will get a pick for NYK or do something, I know he’s smart enough.


The Mets beat the A’s last night 10-1 in another great game. This is their 2nd straight game scoring 10 runs. Former A’s pitcher Bartolo Colon pitched great against the powerful A’s , he went 8 innings while striking out 8. He won his 8th game (thats a lot of 8’s) to go 8-5. Chris Young was slumping and on the hot seat lately but he hit 2 homers last night for 2 RBI’s. These 10 runs were off hot pitcher Scott Kasmir who had his worst outing of the year. Grandy and Travis d’Arnaud had 3 RBI’s each. Grady has really picked up his game after a hard and disappointing start to the season. He has 10 HR’s and 35 RBI’s and has a .234 avg.

In Hockey, Penguins, Sidney Crosby won another NHL MVP award  after leading the NHL with 104 points.

Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith won best defenseman and Tuukka Rask of the Bruins won top goalie. Ducks GM Bob Murray won GM of the year.