I know there’s a lot of College and Pro football going on, but I have to blog about my friend Ian’s amazing trip to the Circuit of The Americas, the Formula 1 Race Track in Austin, Texas.  He’s already been to the practice round on Friday and the qualifying round on Saturday, but today is  race day which starts at 2:00 PM ET.  On top of all the cool racing he’s been able to see so far, he had two awesome highlights.  First was his interview on F1 T.V.  Ian was in the stands and was chosen to be interviewed by one of the reporters…Ian’s dad was able to video the interview and we got to see how it was broadcasted on the Jumbotron…how cool was that!  Then, later in the night, when he was in downtown Austin, he was soooooo lucky to see one of his favorite drivers, Lewis Hamilton.  With Ian’s determination, he got his way through the crowd (and body guards) and was able to get an awesome picture with Lewis – that’s like if was able to get a picture standing next to David Wright.

The F1 sport is not well know in the US and this is just the 3rd year that F1 is back in the US.  North America will now have 3 races a year, Canada, US and Mexico is also getting a race.  For the big day today, Nico Rosberg will sit on the pole position having won the qualifying race yesterday beating Lewis Hamilton and Vatteri Bottas.  Now that the US has its own track…we need to get a driver to represent.  I also found out there are 0 American drivers in F1, the last last American driver was Scott Speed.

Way to go Ian and I can’t wait for the post-tirp interview so I can send out a follow up blog post.