Its never great to see a NFL franchise (no matter who it is) cheating but it’s happening more often and the DeflateGate is back for the defending SB champ Patriots! Investigator Ted Wells started looking again at scenarios while Gronk answered every question with his muscles and releasing a vid, Tob Brady and his dad stated Tom never cheated and the rest said that too. Wells knows for sure we’ve seen that the Patriots did cheat by deflating footballs but it’s a matter of who is responsible for this and they will be handed out suspensions or other discipline! Could this mean Tom Brady sitting out opening night vs Pittsburgh? Yes but is the NFL willing to take that viewing risk while both starting RB’s sit out? Yes again, the reason is that you must be responsible as a player to most importantly, take your suspension and use it as a reminder and notice what you’ve done. Don’t sob and lie, just take it. 

Another big question- what does this take away from the Patriots super bowl win? Nothing playing wise but history wise, everyone including Pats fans will remember this scandal more than Malcom Butler’s pick or even the scary Kearse catch. Nobody… This scandal does add on to the Patriots legacy of cheap things that they did but that doesn’t mean they never did it… 

Does this effect Bellicheck and Brady’s legacy is he’s found guilty- Yes. Not stat wise again but in the fact that he cheated twice with a new ring now and his peak days going down. Again, Brady is like The whole Patriots franchise with Bellicheck and Brady leading it. If they don’t want to be cautious about their decisions, that’s their problem, but when your trying to keep a legacy, don’t be stupid and break it….

I’ll be up for any questions on this and I will update you on any further news!