Congrats to 21 year old Jordan Spieth on winning his 1st masters! He had one of the best and most legendary masters ever with -18 beating 2nd place by 4! Spieth finished in 2nd last year and now with this win, he looks like he has a bright future in my opinion!

The NHL playoffs start today with a bunch of games tomorrow too! The NBA has 2 games left (for each team) and they should be heated!!!

The MLB is off to a great start now 2 full series into the season for most teams! The Yankees avoided a sweep by the Bo-Sox with a big 14-4 win last night! They took a game into the 19th inning in game 1 and the Sox had a big win yesterday! The Mets make their home opener today after a big roadtrip! They beat the undefeated (now 1 loss) Braves 4-3 yesterday and pitcher Bartolo Colon had his 1st RBI since 2005 and hit in a while! And yes, for the fans his helmet came off and it looked ridiculous 🙂