On Sunday College football kicked off with a lot of surprises! Lets start off with a quick note on my BIG BLUE! Michigan won 59-9 yesterday vs Central Michigan. New QB Devin Gardner looked like Denard Robinson rushing for 2 TD’s and Passing for 2. Their next game is against Notre Dame.

Now the main talk of the day was Texas A&M vs Rice. After a first half suspension for talks of signing autographs in the off-season and getting payed. He came in the 2nd half and threw for 3 TD’s and you thought Johnny Manziel was back. But that was only in 1 quarter of work after being benched from an “unsportsmanlike conduct” penalty for taunting Rice players.

What will happen with Johnny Football?

NFL: With the season in 1 week I am psyched! Yesterday here were some notable players cut. (QB’s: Tim Tebow NE, Vince Young GB, Greg McElroy NYJ.) Also Robert Meachem, WR of the Chargers.