Big Day in the MLB! Right? Here’s yesterday’s big headlines…
-Kershaw shines in Dodger win

-Russell’s walk off leads Cubs to victory

-Kemp ‘s big hit wins game for Padres

-Rangers force Game 7 with 7-3 win over Tampa

-Cavs clinch finals appearance with 118-88 win over Atlanta in sweep

-Schumaker hits pinch hit walk off for Reds

-Flores ties and walk’s off for the Mets in big win

-Donaldson has career game in his walk off win for Jay’s

-Seager’s go ahead 10th inning HR leads M’s to win

Hope you enjoyed! Sorry I haven’t been too active lately! I will hope to post more often in the future and continue to post my daily instagram collage post’s on @coleonsports!!! Thanks guys!