2 teams will go on…and 2 teams went home last night in baseball. Here they are…

Game 1- Tigers vs A’s. Hey the A’s went for a good playoff run but now their playoff dreams are over. In last nights game the A’s tried but lost. With the Tigers ace pitching, Justin Verlander, they had no chance. Verlander had 11 k’s and a complete game shutout. The score was 6-0.

Who will be the Tigers next obstacle in their playoff run?

Game 2 – Giants vs Reds. After trailing 2-0 in game 3 the San Francisco Giants made a giant come back to tie the series at 2 a piece. Buster Posey had a Grand Slam. The final score was 6-4 Giants.

Will the Giants make a giant run in the playoffs?

There are 2 games left to finish today.
Yankees vs Orioles and Nats vs Cards. Both are in game 5.