The NBA Draft Lottery was last night and the Cleveland Cavaliers took the 1st pick again! Here is a little history behind recent Cavs drafts…

2000- Jamal Crawford | 8th Pick

2003- LeBron James| 1st Pick

2011- Kyrie Irving| 1st Pick

2011- Tristan Thompson| 4th Pick

2012- Dion Waiters| 4th Pick

2013- Anthony Bennett| 1st Pick

2014- TBD | 1st Pick

This was amazing that the Cavs won the lotto again! Look at all these picks! (This is what I wished the Knicks could do!)  Here is the 2014 Draft order (only lottery).

1- Cavaliers

2- Bucks


4- Magic

5- Jazz

6- Celtics

7- Lakers

8- Kings

9- Charlotte Hornets (from Pistons)

10- 76ers (from Pelicans)

11- Nuggets

12- Magic (from Knicks once again)

13- T-Wolves

14- Suns

The analysts  are predicting these players (not in order) for the top 3 picks… Andrew Wiggins, Joel Emblid, Jabari Parker.

The Cavs won this lottery with a 1.7 chance to win! I can’t wait ’till June 26th…

The Heat beat the Pacers 87-83 last night to tie the series at 1 behind LeBron James scoring 22 points, 7 boards and 6 assists.  Paul George only got 14 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists in the loss. Game 3 is in Miami on Saturday…