The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors 115-101, in an NBA Finals- Game 6 victory, forcing a Game 7 for all the marbles. LeBron James took over the game once again, (as he has overshadowed everyone else so far) scoring 41 points for the 2nd straight game, while adding 11 boards and 8 dimes as well. Teammate Tristian Thompson went for 15 points and 16 rebounds shooting 6/6, and Kyrie Irving went for 23 points in the win.

The Cavs had this game in hand from the start, starting with a 31-11 1st quarter and leading the rest of the way.

The bigger news from this game was the sudden ejection of Warriors MVP Guard Stephen Curry. Curry fouled out in the 4th quarter after his 3rd controversial foul of the 6 total. He responded in a series of curses towards the ref obviously in anger- and threw his mouth piece into the stands, hitting a fan and leading to his exit. Curry totaled 30 points in the win as his team couldn’t follow up- even with Draymond Green returning from a 1 game suspension. Curry and his wife Ayesha showed their anger after last night’s game, making a point that the NBA is ‘rigged’ and how it isn’t fair. Many people agree with this conspiracy as there is tons of evidence of rigged moments, and events, over the course of the NBA’s history.

Game 7 will take place Sunday in Oracle Arena (Golden State) as the Warriors have home-court advantage. The Cavs will look to bring home the whole city of Cleveland’s 1st championship in over 51 years (Dec. 27th 1964), while attempting to be the 3rd NBA team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals, and go on to win it (Royals in ’51 and Celtics in ’66)…