A Classic in Él Clássico

You can never go wrong with watching a Real Madrid vs Barça game (Él Classico) especially when the teams are as stacked as ever and they’re 1 point apart in the standings! Yesterday the rivals clashed… Messi vs Ronaldo, who’s the better player? We may never know… Anyway, the game was very close but Barça edged out Real 2-1! Ronaldo scored a great breakaway goal for Madrid while Suarez scored the game winner for Barça and Jeremy Mathieu scored too for Barça… March Madness- I’m pretty sure no one is even CLOSE to a perfect bracket, let alone good :)! Mine’s beyond ruined and similar to the world’s…  Yesterday a lot happened in the round of 32 going on to the sweet 16… Moving on… UCLA, Arizona, Xavier, Kentucky, NC State, Utah, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Michigan St., Duke, Wichita St., Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, West Virginia and Louisville! A ton of big upsets and scares have occurred so be ready world!!! The NFL held their inaugural Vetran Combine yesterday which allowed Vetran FA’s to go through a combine to allow teams to see what they have left in the tank… Not too many big names tried out but the success of it hasn’t been found...

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Irving Drops NBA High in Win

We had a lot of big news in the sports universe today so here are the top 10 headlines… *The Hawks continued their 17 game NBA high and franchise win streak (of this year) with a 113-102 win vs. the struggling Nets *With King James out Kyrie Irving had the performance of the year with 55 points (NBA high) and the go ahead 3 in the closing seconds. The Cavs are now riding a terrific 8 game win streak *Coach K’s squad stumbled again to Norte Dame yesterday losing 77-73 in the closing minutes. Duke is now at an unknown 17-3 for them… *Chile edges out the US 3-2 in an international friendly… *Marshawn Lynch was fined again, not for gold cleats, not for media problems but for wearing a new “beastmode” hat thats pretty cool. Ugh, why does everyone have to be uniform these days. *(More Lynch) after responding “i’m here so I won’t get fined” 29 times on media day while he ended on a timer, he had a similar act today saying “You know why i’m here” a lot. *Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova advanced to the womens Aussie open finals… *Cristiano Ronaldo was suspened 2 games for kicking an opponent after being red carded and will come back vs. Athletico Madrid… *The Brocos hired Wade Phillips to be their DC yesterday while the 9’ers promoted...

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The Los Angeles Angels clinched the AL West tile with the A’s loss last night and their big 5-0 win. LA is the 3rd team (Nationals and Orioles) to clinch their division so far. C.J Wilson pitched a gem for LA allowing 1 hit over 7 strong innings and 7 k’s. DH C.J Cron had a 3 run homer to open up the game for the Angels. Watch out for LA, they are EN Fuego right now and can be a serious playoff contender considering their talent along with the O’s. So far KC Royals and the A’s lead the AL Wild-Card race with Seattle 2 games back rom the A’s and the Indians. In the NL, the Giants and Pirates lead with the Brewers back by 2.5 and Atlanta down by 5.5. Tonight is Thursday Night Football with the Falcons and Bucs facing off, look for an offensive explosion for the Falcons and a huge game from QB Matt Ryan and WR Julio Jones and Roddy White who I think will play despite his hammy problems. The MLS released it;s new logo online. I may not be extremely eye popping, but I read that it has a meaning so definitely go and check it...

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The Uruguay national team may have beat Italy 1-0 in an exciting game but this game was full of controversy… Uruguay star Luis Suarez was caught yet again for biting an opponent. Usually players have problems like hitting or injuries, but Suarez bites? This is the 3rd incident of the star player biting opponents when he but an opponent on Ajax in a fight and in Liverpool when he bit a player on Chelsea.  He received lengthy suspensions/fines for those incidents. Now he may cost Uruguay the World Cup by sitting for the whole tourney.   For yesterday’s bite, Suarez was not penalized, but Fifa knows what they need to do thats best which is suspend him.  Suarez and the Uruguay coach had comments on the bite that just made this mess worse by trying to defend themselves. This investigation is ongoing, crazy, and yes, it is spreading ALL OVER social media… World Cup update- Greece 2 – Ivory Coast 1 : Greeks advance on GW penalty kick in box… Colombia 4 – Japan 1 Italy 0 – Uruguay 1 Costa Rica 0- England 0 – England lowest pt total in their World Cup history (1)… Knockout Rd. – *= 1 more game (current position) Brazil Mexico Netherlands Chile Columbia Greece Costa Rica Uruguay France * Ecuador * Argentina  * Nigeria * Germany * USA * Belgium * Algeria * NBA-...

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Mexico Goalkeeper Gullimero Ochoa played so good against Brazil yesterday, they might as well changed Ochoa to “0choa!” Yes, Ochoa shut out a powerful Brazil squad in gm. 2 of their 2014 world cup. Neymar had some terrific shots on goal for Brazil, but Ochoa saved ALL OF THEM! You got to check this keeper out! Ochoa remarked after the game ” It was the match of my life”. We’ll, he’s right, even Mexico coach Miguel Herrera called him the “hero” of the match. What a game for Ochoa and Mexico to tie up Brazil  with 4 points for 1st place in Group...

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