B-Ball Battle begins

Last night a new epic rivalry made its debut. Also some pro football, college football and college B-ball. First pro B-ball.- Yesterday was a debut of a epic new rivalry. Knicks vs Nets. When the game started the Nets jumped to an early 1st Q lead of 26-23. In the 2nd Q the Knicks took the lead back after scoring 24 pts. The Knicks led 47-45 at halftime. In the 3rd the Nets scored 23 while the Knicks trailed by 1 going into the 4th Q. This game was neck to neck the whole time. The Knicks barely survived the 4th Q after only scoring 17 while Brooklyn scored 16 covering the 1pt game. This game got really exiting now because it was in OT. The Knicks sadly only scored 5 and Brooklyn scored 12 in a strong OT. Final score BRK 96- NYK 89. The Knicks lost even with Melo and Chandler combining for 63 pts. Chandler was dunking all night while Melo and Felton dished it out to him. Here’s some new news from the NFL- (Jets: Biggest cheerleader Fireman Ed resigns from Jets now is “just a fan”.) (Ravens: Ray Lewis expected to make return after being on IR (triceps.) (G-men: Backup RB Andre Brown placed on IR also ( leg.) (Panthers: Newton steps out of “sophomore slump” those 4TD’s in 30-22 win vs Eagles.) (49ers:...

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An amazing day in sports!

What an amazing day in sports! I have sooooooooooooooooo much to talk about even a Division III college b-ball player who made history. Now first College B-ball! – Yesterday Division III Guard from Grinnell Sophmore Jack Taylor scored 138 pts alone in 176-104 win vs Faith Bapist Bible. Before the game the coach said to dish the ball out to Taylor and get him some shots. Then at half the players still wanted to dish it out to him and they did. He went 52-108 on FG’s and 27-71 on (3pt) FG’s. That was the record for pts for Pro and college b-ball. Congrats Jack on your amazing game. Now to football – Here’s a summary of things that recently happened : (Steelers: Steelers sign former WR Plaxico Burress after ending his 1 year contract with NYJ.) (Steelers: Definitly starting Backup, Backup QB Charlie Batch vs 2-8 Browns.) (49ers: Coach Jim Harbaugh is having trouble picking the starting QB for this week after Colin Kaepernicks amazing game vs Bears. Alex Smith is cleared to start this week but Harbaugh might let him take 1 more week off and let Colin Kaepernick start. ( Ravens: NFL turns Ed Reed’s 1 game suspension into a 50K fine after hit on Steelers Emanual Saunders.) Now to Pro B-ball- Yesterday Lakers new head coach Mike D’Antoni made his coaching debut in Lakers win...

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