BLOWOUT! We were looking for a low scoring close and awesome game? Someone known to win MVP? Not in this Super Bowl! Oh, and I forgot, A SAFETY ON THE 1st PLAY! This game was ALL Seattle from the start, it started off with a great stop on Broncos Up-and-Down playing Kick Returner Trinton Holiday when he got hit and almost fumbled. On the 1st play from scrimmage (and the 1st “Omaha!’s” 🙂 ) Center Manny Ramirez who had a great season launched the ball high over Peyton Manning’s head and luckily the Broncos recovered it but the Seahawks got a 2-point Safety which is very rare to happen in any game ESPECIALLY in the Super Bowl! The Broncos were forced to Punt it back because a Safety counts as 2 points for the Seahawks and the ball back. That’s when Seattle’s big O started to rumble. They managed to get 2 FG’s and led 8 zip at the end of #1. The Seahawks held the Broncos #1 Offense to 11 yards in the 1st Quarter and 0 1st downs. Manning’s gonna come back right? Nope! The Seahawks got a Marshawn Lynch 1 yd TD and he got some Skittles and then Peyton Manning threw one of his “Ducks” for a pick 6 to Malcom Smith. (Give some credit to Richard Sherman, he was right about Manning’s “Ducks” he throws). The Score was not and improbable but hard comeback at 22-0 Seattle. “Now Manning comes back right” No Way! After a great half-time show by Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers something amazing happened. Who remembers what happened before the blackout? Ravens KR Jacoby Jones returned the opening kick for the 1st ever KR TD. Same thing this year, Seattle’s biggest offseason acquisition Percy Harvin who was sidelined the whole season but played 1 regular season game and was concussed vs. the Saints, he returned the opening kick for a TD, more BAD NEWS for Denver. Jermaine Kearse caught a TD from Russell Wilson for a TD then the Broncos FINALLY scored when his favorite man to pass to Demaryius Thomas got a TD to get 8 after a 2 point conversion. 1 last final final TD by Doug Baldwin won the game for the Seahawks 43-8! Now the stats… This blowout win tied the record for biggest win in the Super Bowl era (35), the record was when the. 49’ers #1 O beat the Broncos #1 D 55-20 with Joe Montana. That was the only game that happened, I guess Defense wins championships? We learned Richard Sherman is right, Michael Crabtree is a “mediocre” receiver and Peyton Manning’s does throw those “Ducks” that Sherman remarked. It was only the 2nd Seattle championship (1979 Seattle SuperSonics) they are now the Thunder. It is the 5 Super Bowl loss for Denver which is crazy. Here’s a Super Bowl deserved for the 12th man in Seattle. Good news for Denver is Manning is returning for his 16 season as will star CB Champ Bailey. The game’s MVP was Seahawks LB Malcom Smith with a 69 yard pick 6 and a fumble recovery. Seattle coach Pete Carroll became the 3rd coach to win a college championship and Super Bowl. This was Broncos coach, John Fox’s 2nd Super Bowl loss with 1 before with the Panthers losing to Brady in the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning had a record 34 completions for 280 yards and a TD but 2 picks. WR Demaryius Thomas had a record 13 catches for 113 yards and a TD. Russell Wilson proved the critics wrong with 206 yards and 2 TD’s. If their players will stay, both teams have high expectations mostly the Broncos.
Football is over, but …. Free Agency is now starting to the giant palooza starts now and the Draft stuff, I will keep you tuned throughout all the drama.