Michigan 14 Bama 41. That was the score I saw when I woke up. I watched most of the game hoping to wake up to a better score. During the game I found some big factors that controlled the game. For the Wolverines I noticed that they had a
poor Defense, Bama got right past Michigan on Offense. And #2, Michigan had no running game because of Bama’s amazing D. Bama had perfect offense last night. Their running game was impressive even without Trent Richardson and they had a very good passing game. But the biggest factor was Bama’s AMAZING Defense. They had 2 interceptions including 1 pick 6. In the first half Michigan was held to only punting because of the Crimson Tides D. At one point the Blue was averaging 2.0 yards per play! Alabama really played like a championship team.

The lesson learned is… Defense always wins games.

In any event, I’m still wearing my Michigan Jersey.