But, but, but, I thought he was benched! Rex Ryan did something to not make my day.

1st Football – REX! Rex Ryan put Mark Sanchez in again. I thought he was benched! O.K, Rex you never put Tebow in this year and Sanchez is not doing good, give Tebow a try. He can win in the playoffs. Maybe you should of thought of Tebow when you said “I’m comfortable with Sanchez”.

The Redskins and Cowboys will be playing on America’s biggest stage tommorow night on NBC. The winner of this game wins the division. The Redskins are coming on a 6 game win streak. The 2 keys to that streak are : QB RGIII and Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan. RGIII has an NFL low of 5 interceptions. He can throw really far and run fast. He has 346.30 fantasy pts this season. When I drafted him as my starter in fantasy he was quickly my favorite. Offensive cordinater Kyle Shanahan makes crazy plays and they work all the time. He works well with RGIII. The Cowboys have a bad history for their week 17. Since the year 2000 the Cowboys are 2-10 in week 17. Tony Romo is trying to change that. Romo’s top target to pass to is Dez Bryant (12 TD’s). My pick in this game is the Redskins.

Who is your favorite to win?