Yesterday there were a lot of dumb turkeys in the NFL. Let me tell you some of them….

In the Texans vs Lions game Lions coach Jim Shwartz was a dumb turkey when Texan’s RB Justin Forsett ran for a 81 yd TD even though his knees were clearly down and coach Shwartz still threw the challenge. for some reason the refs never called Forsett down gave him a TD – coach Shwartz should have known that a scoring play is reviewed and somehow there’s another rule that if you throw your challenge flag on a review the review is taken away. The Lions ended up losing 31-34 in OT after leading the whole game.

Then in the Jets vs Pats game EVERYONE was a dumb turkey on the Jets. Even as a blogger, it’s almost too tough to talk about this game. The Jets had 5 turnovers and let up back to back TD’s. They let up 35 pts in the 2nd Q! The Jets STINK! Sanchez was doing sooooooooooooooooooooo bad but they could not bench him because Tebow was out with fractured ribs! The Jets lost 49-19 but still I’m gonna keep with my jets and hope they do better next week.