Big Game? Naaaa. Hear about how this big game became a blowout.

1st Football – You might think this was a big game If I told you but it wasn’t even close. Yesterday on ESPN’s MNF the 9-3 Pats faced off against the NFL’s best 11-1 Texans. It started bad and ended even worse for the young Texans. Patriots QB Tom Brady was eating all of the Texans D. Tom Brady threw 4 TD’s, 2 to his fellow TE Aaron Hernandez.The Pats dominated this game and won 42-14. The Texans called this their most important game of their 10 year franchise. Well they did not play like it.

Now Baseball – Yesterday the LA Dodgers signed a 6 year 147 million dollar contract with former Royal, Brewer and Angel pitcher Zack Grenkie. He went 15-5 last year with the Brewers and Angels. This was the 2nd biggest pitcher contract of all-time behind CC Sabathia’s original contract.