The highlight of the game may have been his career high, 7th hit of the season (or maybe even watching his 3 pitch batting strikeout) but Big ‘Ol Bart threw a great one last night going- 8 innings, 9K’s and 0 ER! The Mets took the game 3-1 over Philly now going into September in 1st, and a 20 win August!

Also in the MLB –

David Ortiz hits milestone 495th HR vs Yankees to inch closer to 500

Adrian Gonazalez hits 14th inning walkoff to beat Giants 5-4…

In football some big news went on yesterday-

Bills to start Tyrod Taylor at QB…

Skins betray RG3- starting Cousins wk 1

Final desicion on Brady coming soon…

Fred Jackson cut from Bills

Julius Thomas out till wk 4-5

In soccer (or Football) news deadline day is ongoing… A lot of switching going on! Really fun thing to follow in my opinion!