When I saw the score of this game my mouth dropped. #15 Texas A&M upset the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide 29-24. Coming into this game Alabama was ranked #1 in the AP rankings with a 9-0 perfect record. This game meant the WHOLE season for Bama and they really did not play like it. QB for the Aggies Johnny Manziel (Johnny Football) had one of his best games of his short college career. He also had his best play of his career when the ball hit his blocker on the leg, he picked the ball up and threw for a TD. With this amazing proformance he gets closer to winning the Heisman Trophy. If he wins he would be the first Freshman to win the Heisman.
The play that changed the game was when Bama had the ball at the goal line and Bama QB A.J McCarron threw a pick in the end zone and all the Aggies had to do was kneel to win. There are 3 teams left that are undefeated: #2 Kansas state, #3 Oregon and #4 Notre Dame. Bama wasn’t the only team upset to have a 1st loss. #9 Loisville lost to Syracuse 45-26.

Does Bama still have a chance at the National Championship or staying at #1?